Revitalisation of Ravnkloa. C.F. Møller

Revitalisation of Ravnkloa

Our task was to revitalise one of Trondheim's oldest, most important historical squares, Ravnkloa, and to recreate it as a vibrant urban space along the canal in the northern part of the city.
 Revitalisation of Ravnkloa. C.F. Møller


Trondheim municipality


Trondheim, Norway


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C.F. Møller Architects


Dronninga landskap AS

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Zenisk AS

From the 17th century the square was a centre of trade between farmers, fishermen and citizens of the town. Today it is a neglected corner of the cityscape.

C.F. Møller's dual approach to the project creates new life along the canal:

At the heart of the revitalisation is a new bridge for pedestrian and cycle traffic which connects Ravnkloa with the northern part of the city and makes the square a hub for the city's two-wheeled road users. The bridge opens to allow ships to pass. The design is a simple, stylish construction clad with metal plating, reflecting the canal waterline and the characteristic Trondheim light.

To create a new and vibrant micro-environment in connection with the calm inner harbour basin, amphitheatres and waterfalls leading down to the water's edge and new waterside cafés and restaurants will be located at the foot of the bridge, precisely where the pedestrians and cyclists touch down on land.

The new Ravnkloa district is an important part of Trondheim's visionary "Kanalrummet" (Canal Space) concept – which will create a new urban district with amenities for both residential and commercial use. As part of the Kanalrummet project, our proposals include a new canal promenade with trees, benches and steps on the east and west flanks of Ravnkloa.

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