Slemmestad. C.F. Møller


Slemmestad is located on the Oslo fjord, and the settlement was centred around a now closed cement manufacturing plant. The town now forms part of Oslo's surrounding area.
 Slemmestad. C.F. Møller


Slemmestad Brygge AS


Slemmestad, Norway


85 ha




1st prize in competition. 2012


C.F. Møller Architects


Dronninga Landskap

Collaborators, other

Vista Analyse, Asplan Viak

  • 1st prize in competition. 2012

The project "Fjordbyen Slemmestad" is a visionary plan to transform the area into an exclusive new coastal town. The plan combines positives from two worlds: The blue water, sun and green trees along the Oslo fjord are combined with the bustling nature of a European town. At the same time, the town's particular geology, industrial history and identity are also retained.

Slemmestad will gain a waterfront promenade, canals, tree-lined streets and squares and a mixture of residential properties, shops, offices, business and cultural and public amenities.

The town plan reinforces the street system and the current town centre will be opened up to the fjord. The quay becomes the new meeting place with eateries, the fjord hotel, as well as a library and arts centre. Bøbækken will be reopened as a blue-green pedestrian area.

The former factory premises with its tall storage silos will be maintained at the edge of a fan-shaped town plan with "Slemmestad avenue" as the main axis. A further three main streets running from the factory premises to the town centre will afford fine views and connect the surrounding nature and the industrial buildings with the town centre.

The plan includes 2,400 new residential properties with space for 4,000 new residents.

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