Sogn Garden City. C.F. Møller

Sogn Garden City

The aim of the new district, Sogn Hageby, is to create the framework for a new attractive destination in Oslo that is open, diverse and invites both residents and visitors to make use of the area.
 Sogn Garden City. C.F. Møller


Undervisningsbygg Oslo KF


Oslo, Norway


97 ha


2019, Competition


C.F. Møller Architects & Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Collaborators, other

Rummets Sprog and Transsolar Energietechnik

On the outskirts of central Oslo, a new district is being developed based on the principles of the Norwegian garden city. The vision is to develop a green area, with a focus on community, sustainability and to create a good place to be; to socialise and to live in a close-knit, mixed-function neighbourhood. The area has a wide range of functions and the development plan for the new district includes, among other things, a school, a multi-purpose hall, a nursing home, as well as commercial premises and housing. The project is designed to create a robust plan that can be built with a variety of densities and programs, without losing its basic identity, characteristics and qualities.

Sogn Hageby has been developed with a focus on community and primarily as a car-free area. The homes are organised around communal gardens and the various functions are located so that different user groups meet. The creation of good common areas, as well as varied and green outdoor spaces with the opportunity for physical activity, ensures that the area's many future functions support and strengthen each other.

A new destination in Oslo

Sogn Hageby has a wider appeal than just to residents and daily users. An important focus is to create unique areas that can help make the place a destination people want to travel to and stay in. Some of the ways in which this will be achieved is by investing in common meeting places such as a sports arena, common multi-purpose halls, swimming facilities and a library. Creating green experiences in the area in the form of attractive walking and cycling routes is another method. The common meeting points become central to social life, where a good, vibrant neighbourhood is established.

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