Strandbakkehuset childrens hospice. C.F. Møller

Strandbakkehuset children's hospice

The new children's hospice, Strandbakkehuset, unites architecture and nature, to create a secure foundation with a view to the philosophy of the hospice: life, play and relief.
 Strandbakkehuset childrens hospice. C.F. Møller


Den Selvejende Institution Hospice Djursland


Rønde, Denmark


1,230 m²


2019, Competition

Client consultant



CC Contractor




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Strandbakkehuset is directly connected to the present hospice, Djursland, in a scenic area close to the forest and the lake. When designing the new children's hospice, Strandbakkehuset, it has been important to ensure that the new hospice complements the architectural qualities of the existing facility. Strandbakkehuset's facade consists of vertical oak panels that form a curved facade at the entrance. The rounded formations interact with, and highlight, the existing well-known architectural expression of Djursland Hospice.

Views over the vast open spaces

Embracing all the family homes at the entry level is a priority

in the design of Strandbakkehuset. To create peace of mind and presence for patients, staff are placed to have good visual contact with the entrance foyer and natural visual contact with the family area. The other common functions are placed in an underlying parterre at same level as the forest and lake.

The common room and the attached covered living area have views of the meadows and the bay which can be enjoyed by all. The surroundings have been an important factor in the design process, where the framework must ensure loving care and a dignified farewell, which helps to provide important and good experiences during time spent at the hospice. A sensory garden with curved, rounded-off surfaces and rubber asphalt between tree trunks and undergrowth, helps to make the forest accessible to everyone; this includes the bed-ridden and those in the family homes who can also interact with the presence of the forest.

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