The Town of Sørumsand. C.F. Møller

The Town of Sørumsand

The station town of Sørumsand, around 30 km from Oslo, wishes to be an attractive suburb for the more and more people who settle in the Norwegian capital. The aim is to double the present population of around 3,500 by 2040.
 The Town of Sørumsand. C.F. Møller


Sørum kommune


Sørumsand, Norway


300,000 m²


2013, competitive dialogue


C.F. Møller Architects


Dronninga landskap AS

Collaborators, other

Vista Analyse AS, TØI

The aim is to develop this station town, which is scattered around the station dating from 1892, into a built-up, urban suburban environment, with minimum vehicular traffic. The urban development must therefore be within walking distance of the town centre, equivalent to a radius of 500 m from the railway station:

Sørumsand must be more compact – with higher and closer buildings, situated around a central main shopping street, Torggata, and with several attractive urban spaces. Residents will be able to walk or cycle, since everything will be close by in the town, while the station will have rapid connections to city workplaces and activities. This will also ensure minimum intervention in the forest and agricultural landscape, which is transected by Norway's longest river, Glomma. Residents will be able to enjoy the views of the countryside from their homes, as well as attractive recreational areas, with a riverside walk just outside their doors.

Inspired by the historical use of the river to transport timber, the idea is to build several timber homes.

In other words, Sørumsand must be an urban, smart and green suburb in the 21st century, showing an alternative to filling up the landscape with prefab buildings and shopping centres that can only be reached by car.

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