The neighborhood Galten. C.F. Møller

The neighborhood Galten

Galten is a new quarter in the heart of Lund, which, with its own shops and urban spaces, a cinema and a large green courtyard, creates a mini-city with its own unique identity, where everyday life, good communities and proximity to green surroundings can be enjoyed.
 The neighborhood Galten. C.F. Møller


Norcap A/S and Lund Municipality


Lund, Sweden


20,550 m², 3.700 m² retail, 3.000 m² cinema and 13.300 m² housing


2017, Competition


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

Consultants: Carl Chytraeus (traffic) - A&C Konsulter AB, Carita Melchert (Heritage) - Kulturhistoriska Föreningen för Södra Sverige

The quarter is defined by a block of flats that encloses the entire site and leaves space for a large green courtyard at the centre. The courtyard garden's lush space contrasts with the urban cityscape of the exterior, but both the exterior and the interior are designed with great care to create varied spaces for recreation and activities that generate life and communities.

The building is divided into smaller buildings which are displaced in relation to each other to create squares and recreational spaces along the edge of the complex. The façade materials primarily consist of brick and wood, but vary in colour and design from one building to the next.

The buildings are vibrant, with varying heights, a broken roof landscape, attics and bay windows – which are all elements that reflect Lund's distinctive and charming architecture, but in a new interpretation.

On the ground floor there are public functions such as shops, a cinema and a café, to create a lively and active street life. Between the public functions, there are a series of passages connecting the exterior city space with the interior courtyard garden. The courtyard garden is divided into areas of varying sizes, to embrace many different activities. The courtyard garden has both public and semi-public areas that are separated by shrubs and wells for rainwater harvesting.

The homes are primarily located on the first floor and higher up. There are homes of several different sizes, but regardless of their size, all homes have at least one balcony and an inflow of daylight from two sides.

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