Vejle Hospital, general plan. C.F. Møller

Vejle Hospital, general plan

As part of the Emergency Care and Implementation Plan of the Region of Southern Denmark, Vejle Hospital is to be converted into a specialist hospital, with special focus on cancer treatment. In this connection, a general plan is to be compiled with proposals for the design of future functions at the hospital, together with a timetable for the transition to a specialist hospital.


Region of Southern Denmark


Vejle, Denmark



User consultation is a key tool when we compile a general plan.

In order to get the most out of the users' knowledge, a project office has been established in the entrance hall at Vejle Hospital with workplaces for the consultants of C.F. Møller Healthcare, where drawings are regularly placed on display, together with information about the project’s stage, current issues, possible dilemmas, next week's tasks, etc. Locating the project office in the actual hospital increases the level of information to the users, and as consultants, it allows us to receive ongoing feedback in an effective way. It is beneficial for the final project, and gives the users confidence that their views are being heard.

Through the concept "Spend 15 minutes and be heard", users can book a time (max. 15 min.) with the consultants, and provide input. Often, users who would not normally be consulted make use of this offer.

Regular noticeboard meetings help to foster a time-efficient and value-creating meeting culture. The noticeboards are also used to maintain continuity among the users, with the posting of relevant materials such as the project organisation, contact info and user information, timetables, activity plans, milestone plans, diagrams, drawings, agendas, minutes, etc.

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