Viby South - master plan . C.F. Møller

Viby South - master plan

Social problems have long challenged the district of Viby South in Aarhus, and the quarter is to be transformed into an attractive, socially and environmentally sustainable residential area. The regeneration masterplan includes strategic initiatives like the introduction of new traffic connections, education, workplaces and a new community centre, physical changes to the existing buildings and landscaping, and also social initiatives and a high degree of resident involvement and participation in the transformation process.
 Viby South - master plan . C.F. Møller


Aarhus Municipality and
Århus Omegn and ALBOA housing associations


Aarhus, Denmark


200000 m²



Client consultant





C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

NIRAS Konsulenterne, ÅF Hansen & Henneberg

  • 1st prize for the Community Centre. 2011

Three new diagonal axes criss-cross the housing estates and offer alternative routes and shortcuts to the current rigidly orthogonal footpaths, and where they meet three focal points are created: a community centre, a central water space and a redesigned footbridge over the southern Ring Road.

The redesign of the area aims to create a more diverse, sustainable and also manageable landscape character – offering a far richer environment to all residents and also inviting attractive to non-residents from the surrounding areas. E.g. the green plan proposes the current uniform green lawns between the landscaped to be radically altered and laid out as flowering meadows.

The re-design and renovation of the housing blocks will alter the apartment sizes and layouts and thermally and technically upgrade the buildings to reduce the energy consumption of each building by 50 to 75%. Equally important is the transformation of their appearance: From monotonous and run-down to visually rich and varied buildings.

The idea of the new community centre is to transform the local school, Søndervangsskolen, which is today an introvert building with a surplus of space, into the area's new rendezvous, by integrating the facilities of the school and of the community centre.

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