Youth residencies at Randersvej. C.F. Møller

Youth residencies at Randersvej

On Randersvej in Aarhus, a new residential complex for young people is being constructed, as the setting for a modern student life with space for social interaction and privacy.
 Youth residencies at Randersvej. C.F. Møller


Brabrand Housing Association


Aarhus, Denmark


3,700 m²




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1st prize in architectural competition. 2017

The residential units have space for various types of activities, as well as recreational zones. The communal areas are on a dense scale, with focus on strengthening social interaction and generating positive interaction, according to residents' preferences and interests.

The residential units are designed to make best possible use of the available space, with the opportunity to create attractive differentiated communal areas.

The building complex is structured according to simple principles and comprises two halls of residence on five storeys, interconnected by a four-storey intermediate building of glass. The intermediate building is intersected by green storey wedges which serve as balconies for the central communal and recreational spaces. The halls of residence have 11 rooms on each floor, gathered around a communal area with kitchen and canteen/living space. The communal area appears as an illuminated pocket in the centre of the transverse corridor. In the façade, the communal area, together with the large living and reception rooms in the centre, serves as a transparent slice, in which the building's interior life becomes part of the city.

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