DNV Gødstrup. C.F. Møller

DNV Gødstrup

At the end of November 2010, the Central Denmark Region announced a restricted project among five selected teams to formulate a master plan for the new hospital in western Denmark, DNV Gødstrup, and a more detailed plan for the design of the hospital's first stage.
 DNV Gødstrup. C.F. Møller


Region Midtjylland - Hospital Unit West


Gødstrup, Denmark


150,000 m²




Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma Alectia A/S Rambøll


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

Lohfert & Lohfert A/S

C.F. Møller Architects' proposal is a welcoming, lucid and efficient hospital complex that puts the patient at the centre.

A tower block with three wings makes up the centre of the complex, where the surgery department, the intensive care unit and diagnostic imaging are centrally positioned in the storeys above the main foyer. Above this lie the wards for the thoracic and surgical departments, while at the top is the hospital's central research environment – in what is both a symbolic and a practical and appropriate location.

The wing-shaped tower block forms a hospital with no rear side, and the wings create three pairs of protected and attractive courtyards.

The project is innovative in its organisation, as the wings help to scale down the complex and create a sense of calmness and separate working rhythms for the individual clinical departments, while at the same time being efficiently linked to the primary care areas in a purely logistical sense.

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