Globen Gardens. C.F. Møller

Globen Gardens

With this proposal, the Globen area of Stockholm is transformed into a distinct destination and a vibrant green neighbourhood.
 Globen Gardens. C.F. Møller




Stockholm, Sweden


115,000 m²


2017, Competition


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other


Through a close connection between architecture, landscape, city and lifestyle, Globen Gardens will become part of the vision for a more functional and modern Globen area. The proposal creates a place where a sustainable and green urban environment is connected to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Globen Gardens is a neighbourhood built of timber - a modern wooden town. The buildings are constructed as a slat structure which are complemented by tall houses. These vary in height to provide articulation, adequate daylight, and a sense of openness.

New communities are created

The ambition for the area is to create a vibrant and green neighbourhood. Globen Gardens sits within a vibrant urban space, and can be adapted for large events for the entire Stockholm region. As a resident of Globen Gardens you will live close to nature, while also being surrounded by vibrant street life. You also live in a neighbourhood where a variety of people across multiple generations can meet, and where new communities are created. A masterplan which combines urban life with nature, private with community, a pulse with calm, and wooden construction with high apartment buildings.

The proposal consists of two basic main elements. A new urban space, Globen Square, and a new interconnected city district, Globen Gardens. The square is the area''s urban activity centre, created as a large continuous urban space with possibilities for both everyday activities and large events. The new city district is designed as a unique urban development area with its own personality, made up of courtyards and local pocket parks, all with distinctive identities.

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