New auditorium at Aalborg University. C.F. Møller

New auditorium at Aalborg University

The ambition for Aalborg University's new auditorium is to create a landmark and a characteristic hallmark for the university and new centrally located meeting spaces for employees and students on the Sdr. Tranders Campus. Taking its cue from the word "auditorium" (Latin: to hear), the exterior of the auditoria complex is inspired by the swirling shape of the human ear, reflecting the core function of the auditorium – as a place where you listen.
 New auditorium at Aalborg University. C.F. Møller


Danish Building & Property Agency


Aalborg, Denmark


4,000 m²






C.F. Møller Architects



The rounded curves and asymmetry of the building, make the auditorium complex a key element on the campus, which is a context made up of angular and rectangular buildings. The auditorium has warm, golden façades imprinted with a graphic design triggered by the letters AAU AUD, an abbreviation for Aalborg University Auditorium, signalling the building's status as the university's flagship.

Unbroken expanses of glass along the length of the building open it up, making indoor activities – including the heart of the building, the auditorium itself, the entrance and the foyer – visible from the outside. The open structure is designed to help make the public inquisitive about the building and the events held there.

There are two entrances, one on each side of the expansive open foyer on the ground floor, which has a café and space to stage large events. The focal point of the interior of the building is the main auditorium which is encircled by a upward moving spiral of stairs and balconies, from which a multitude of activities in the complex can be perceived. In addition to the foyer and main auditorium, the building contains a number of smaller lecture halls and classrooms.

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