Støvring River Vales. C.F. Møller

Støvring River Vales

The development plan links Støvring with the new district, Støvring Ådale with the development of a station area into a unifying hub of the city.
 Støvring River Vales. C.F. Møller


Rebild Kommune


Støvring, Denmark


2.8 ha


2018, Competition

Client consultant

Kuben Management




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

C.F. Møller Architects has, in a parallel assignment, and in collaboration with Rebild Municipality, created the plan for the development of the new district in Støvring Ådale, east of the railway in the city, which will expand Støvring and help to make Støvring a town where people will continue to want to live. Part of the plan is designed on the basis of three main strategies, the contiguous suburban city, the active health district and the densified suburb.

Landmark and healthy lifestyle

The contiguous suburban city creates new cohesion and connections across the railway, including by establishing a new physical bridge for pedestrians, connecting the old western and the new eastern parts of the city. The bridge and the urban landscape come together in the station area, Støvring's new landmark and meeting point. The active health district creates a focus on a modern, healthy lifestyle as a common theme in the area where a health centre and a green and experiential zone is established, which is an active running and cycling track. The city space along the zone is a destination for residents who want to practice outdoor activities and helps to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The zone connects the station area in the west with newly built residential areas in the east as well as the city and surrounding nature.

The densely populated suburb of Støvring Ådale is manifested in a residential neighbourhood with a focus on a dense and diverse community of residents with mixed housing offerings, with the opportunity for multi-generational communities. The different types of housing form the basis of a varied architecture that contributes to an experience-rich city and street space.

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