The Atlantic House. C.F. Møller

The Atlantic House

The Atlantic House is a family dwelling set on a rugged hillside site along a scenic coastal route in Ireland. Inspired by traditional pitched roof forms in the surrounding landscape, the building is organised to provide shelter to south-facing terraces, with internal spaces arranged to avail of morning sunlight, panoramic views of the ocean and vistas towards distant islands.
 The Atlantic House. C.F. Møller




Confidential, Ireland


235 m² residential + 14 m² garden room




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

The proposals comprise a single-storey three-bedroom house with open-plan family spaces and a library contained within the roof space. An internal sun space sits below an undulating roof form, providing permeability through the house and south-facing views of the surroundings. A landscaped garden and reflecting pool complement the natural character of the exposed hillside rock, with terraces arranged between the front of the house and the fall of the hillside.

A simple palette of high quality, natural and locally-sourced materials - natural slate to pitched roofs with minimal eaves and verges, whitewashed masonry walls and charred timber cladding - echoes the qualities of the site’s rugged landscape and the sculptural black coastal rock formations. The design ensures a well-insulated, naturally lit and low-energy dwelling that responds sensitively to its setting.

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