Hagastaden Papillon. C.F. Møller

Hagastaden Papillon

Papillion is a new office building in one of Stockholm's largest urban development projects. It is part of a new block included in the planning area for Östra Hagastaden.
 Hagastaden Papillon. C.F. Møller


Atrium Ljungberg


Stockholm, Sweden




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

The new Papillion office building is inspired by the meeting of city and country - a building that has its own character but at the same time relates to its surroundings. The project is a fine interplay between landscape and building where the spaces around the building play a central role, primarily the new green terrace - the Bellmanterrassen.

The building is located between Norra Stationsparken and Uppsalavägen's approach to Stockholm and will form the keystone that completes the arc of buildings along Hagastaden's northern edge. A unique aspect of Papillon is the direct connection to the Bellmanterrassen, which is designed to be an extension of the qualities of the adjacent park and nature areas. In this way, the impact of the access roads on the landscape is bridged and the city is healed. The tunnel wall and the terrace will be experienced as a well-designed part of the natural topography. By cladding the tunnel wall in rough-hewn granite and shaping the terrace with natural materials, the design connects with the older buildings. The terrace will give a feeling of having existed before the buildings and that the large housing structures rest on a stable foundation. Along with the roof landscapes, the green structure of the area is bound together and breaks from the large body of the building.

An identity-creating building that blends in

The building's base material consists of fibre reinforced concrete, which is a hard and light material with a dense surface and a lifespan of over 100 years. To give Papillion its own strong character, a grey colour has been chosen that does not vie with the brick of the surrounding buildings. At the same time, there is a relationship with the surroundings through the application of an extra layer of glazed, ceramic tiles, as well as a warm copper-red tone that alludes to the brick buildings around. An important node in the new block is the high entrance to Norra Stationsparken, which creates an exciting light show with its twisted, copper-coloured ceramic tiles. Another important element of the site is the portico on the Bellmanterrassen which will become a reason to visit the Papillion district.

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