Musholm Bay Holiday Center, expansion. C.F. Møller

Musholm Bay Holiday Center, expansion

The existing part of Musholm Bay Holiday Centre, designed by the architectural firm ARKOS, is of high architectural quality and has been implemented with great respect and a focus on creating optimal accessibility for the physically disabled. The coming extension will consist of a multi-purpose hall, several holiday apartments and conference facilities, and a kitchen and dining hall.
 Musholm Bay Holiday Center, expansion. C.F. Møller


Musholm Fonden


Korsør, Denmark


3,655 m²



Client consultant

Årstiderne Arkitekter



Collaborators, other

René Kural, Center for sport og arkitektur, Teknologisk Institut

  • Joint 1. prize in architectural competition phase 1. 2012

C.F. Møller’s competition proposal has been designed with great respect and empathy for the existing architecture and the surrounding nature, and aims to make a positive contribution to the overall experience of the location.

The multi-purpose hall is located as the first thing that a visitor will encounter upon arrival at the holiday centre. It has a sloping, grass-covered roof and large windows that provide views into the life going on in the hall.

This makes the activities of the holiday centre visible, and the hall’s distinctive architecture helps to give the place a stronger identity, with a welcoming and well-defined arrivals area.

The 20 new holiday apartments are located to the west as a concluding cluster that signals community. The apartments are located in groups of four – an arrangement which inwardly forms a semi-closed ring around a common green landscape, and outwardly ensures privacy for the homes while at the same time offering the views of the countryside and the bay that are characteristic for Musholm Bay Holiday Centre.

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