OUS - Modernization Oslo University Hospital Ullevål. C.F. Møller

OUS - Modernization Oslo University Hospital Ullevål

The remodelling and renovation of the Infectious and Pulmonary Medicine ward in building 3 and the Gastro-surgical and Orthopaedic in-patient ward in building 7 are four projects that include remodelling work that improves technical and layout conditions at four different departments at Ullevål hospital in Oslo.
 OUS - Modernization Oslo University Hospital Ullevål. C.F. Møller


Oslo Universitetssykehus HF


Oslo, Norway




C.F. Møller Architects

The construction work in building 7 is limited to minor adjustments such as the division of multi-bed rooms into single bed rooms and the establishment of contact infection isolation. In building 3, the building work is related to the relocation of functions, improvement of logistics and the establishment of new functions in the living rooms.

All the remodelling work is based on demands for improvements from the public authorities according to protection from infection and universal design.

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